Pelham Mill site of Greenville County's first textile mill

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Pelham Mill, located along SC Highway 14 near Greer, is the site of the first textile mill in Greenville County. Built in 1820, the mill featured a stonework dam that is now the centerpiece of a historical park that includes walking trails.

The dam and park overlook the Enoree River and a 3.5-acre dog park near the entrance of the site, where a large grassy knoll that's shaded by several large oak trees now stands. The Greenville County Recreation District recently partnered with Renewable Water Resources (formerly Western Carolina Sewer Authority) and the Greenville County Historic Preservation Commission to finish a $200,000 park project.

Greenville County Council recently allotted $100,000 in hospitality tax money for the project, $12,000 of which has been spent to restore the 11 windows of the mill office building, which served as the Pelham post office from the 1930s until 1996.

The 990-square-foot structure was renovated to accommodate private rentals and meetings.

Abe Hardesty